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Review of the Emergency Services Funding System

This consultation has concluded.

The fire and emergency services of NSW—including Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service—have a proud and long history of helping the people of NSW.  Our emergency services are critical to protecting and preserving the lives and properties of citizens from structural fires, bushfires, storms, floods, transport accidents and other emergencies.

However, the way we currently fund emergency services in NSW is complicated, inefficient and unfair.  The bulk of funding (73.7 per cent) is provided by a tax on insurance companies, while the remainder of the funds are provided by local governments (11.7 per cent) and the State Government (14.6 per cent). 

During the 2011 State election, the Liberal and Nationals Coalition committed to consulting with the community to identify a better way to fund emergency services in NSW.  A wide range of alternative revenue sources have been considered, and it is apparent that if the current arrangements are changed, a property based levy would be the best alternative.

This process is to develop a better, fairer and more efficient way of funding our emergency services. 

No final decision has been made by the Government which is now seeking your input on the design, scope, features and transition arrangements to a new levy.  Whatever arrangements are used, they will not alter the total level of funds provided for fire and emergency services.

The NSW Government is strongly committed to consulting with the community, emergency services, local government and industry to move to a simpler, fairer and more competitive system.  A discussion paper, Funding our Emergency Services, has been released for public comment. 

We encourage you to comment on the ten questions. You can also make a submission.

Public consultation will take place from 4 July to 31 October 2012.

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